A Coffee Shop with Quality in mind

This is an abstract of our Escobar Latte Art Service Podcast Episode 1

You may be wondering why Escobar Latte Art Service started a podcast. And why not? Why not try to introduce a different point of view into this atmosphere of baristas and coffee discussion. The point of view of an outsider. A person who is not an expert in this subject but wants to contribute to this topic through life experiences.

The experience of growing up in the coffee world with my son Omar Escobar Rosado, the barista and co-founder of Escobar Latte Art Service, has been gratifying. As a result, I have been able to learn a little more about coffee and Latte Art. Although I am not a coffee expert, I would like to share a little of the knowledge I acquired during my years in the pharmaceutical industry. And perhaps contribute to the coffee industry by developing protocols and procedures that in some way introduce quality into their processes.

An article in "Imagen" magazine from 2016, written by Andrea Moya, describes a little about the development of baristas in Puerto Rico. In it, she interviews several baristas who have been entrepreneurs in this area, and among them is Erica Reyes, who is president and founder of the School of Coffee and Baristas of Puerto Rico and owner of Café Cola'o in Old San Juan. In this article, Erika Reyes mentions something very interesting, and it is the following: "If we want quality, if we wish to control, if we're going to make a real contribution to the industry, we have to be part of the solution, and the key is to move to the farm. "

I understand that Erica's point is valid. In my opinion, this is the way the coffee industry should be developed on the island. This is where I see that the pharmaceutical industry could serve as a model for this approach. Since a long time ago, this industry understood that to introduce quality to their processes and to be able to provide safe products to the client or patient, they had to introduce quality in some way in your operations.

To give an example, I could mention one of the initiatives taken by the pharmaceutical industry; create alliances with suppliers. One of the objectives of this type of approach was to develop specifications so that the raw material supplied would meet the quality standards already identified.

Farm owners, baristas, and those who process and roast coffee could create such alliances to raise the standard of the specifications of the coffee that is processed and finally sold in the coffee shops. These alliances could include developing methods, protocols, procedures to introduce quality from the beginning of coffee cultivation and processing. You need to go to the farm or move to the farm. It would be excellent if the government of Puerto Rico to help coffee shops and baristas acquire perhaps a small farm and develop their processes to provide a safe and quality product to customers who like this tremendous drink.

I want to summarize what I have discussed:

• We must move towards the farm. It is evident that to obtain a quality product in the coffee industry; we must start on the farm, so we must move towards making alliances to develop processes in which quality is introduced from the beginning. This approach will help coffee shops to provide quality and safe products through controlled processes.

"A coffee shop with Quality in mind.."

I leave open an invitation to discuss how we can begin to introduce quality in our coffee shops and in the process of planting, processing, and roasting the coffee.

Andrés Escobar

Escobar Latte Art Service webmaster

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