A newbie in the Coffee Industry

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

As a barista father, I'm starting to learn the coffee industry and get into the Latte Art creation environment. Luckily I have a barista near me to help to develop my skills. The first thing I learned is to love what you are doing, even preparing a simple cup of coffee. The second thing is to put effort and dedication into becoming the best in what you are doing. And the third thing is to share your passion with others.

photo courtesy of Brian Kelly (Thailand 2021)

Quite simple, ahh, but it is not. Observing my son's business and seeing how much effort and passion he put into it, I wonder how I can help him develop his business to grab a piece of the coffee market? How can he compete with well-established businesses and or with the underground monopoly of the coffee industry? This second point is hard to swallow, but in every industry, you will see those who want to control everything and think that there is room for everyone. This is material for another post, but going to my main point, I believe that the key to achieving this is by implementing strategies to improve your product's quality, giving you an advantage in the coffee business arena.

As I mentioned before, I'm a newbie. But my over thirty years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry teach me that establishing business liaisons, having a quality mindset and innovation attitude, being customer-oriented,and resilient are five critical elements to success in any business.

Boomers like me never give up. And even though I'm a newbie in the coffee business, I will take as my mission the task of being an advocate of these four core values and help my barista (Omar Escobar) continue achieving his dreams with his beautiful wife, Leira. So, Escobar Latte Art Service is coming strong in 2021.

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