Creating Coffee Alliances

In my last article (A newbie in the Coffee Industry), I mentioned that I have a lot to learn as a beginner in the coffee industry. I also highlighted that five key elements are required to succeed in the coffee industry or any other business. As an entrepreneur, you need to establish business liaisons, have a quality mindset and innovation attitude, and be customer-oriented and resilient.

I want to expand more on the first core principle due to the urgency that I see in Puerto Rico to become one of the world's coffee industry leaders again. Recently I watched a fascinating video on Facebook where Julian from Julian Coffee Farm talked about the differences between Specialty Grade Coffee and bad quality coffee. Immediately I was connected with the message that he was trying to bring to our community. Specialty Grade Coffee requires to be supported. As an island that was one of the best coffee producers, we should put our effort into developing these Specialty Grade Coffee farms and establish business liaisons with small coffee shops to put back on track the coffee industry on the island. Developing strategies to improve the coffee quality in these farms, creating business liaisons with coffee shops to put the coffee industry back into the local arena, and paying reasonable wages to the coffee pickers will help Puerto Rico regain its position in the coffee industry.

In my opinion, the only way these farms can compete with those big business that controls the coffee industry in Puerto Rico is adopting these strategies. As an outsider to the coffee industry, I can see an opportunity.

Let's get to the round table (coffee farmers and coffee shop owners) and started to develop strategies and liaisons to take our business to another level.

Andrés Escobar,

A newbie and a barista father

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