Thai people are Coffee Lovers too

I never imagined that the Thailand provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai emerged as bastions to coffee lovers in a country with a strong heritage in drinking "Thai Hot Tea."

You can find good specialty coffee in a small rural coffee shop, nice high-end coffee espresso machines like "La Marzocco" and a peaceful environment. It always amazed me when chatting with my friend who lives in the country, how the coffee business is growing. I'm a newbie in the coffee arena but sharing this information with my son (Omar Escobar, certified barista) amazed me more when I showed him one of my friend photos. He identified very quickly the coffee shop logo and the barista, who was Arnon Thitiprasert (Tong), from Ristr8to. This guy won the Thailand – 6th place World Latte Art champion 2011 – 5th place World Latte Art champion 2015 - 1st prize National Thailand Latte Art Championship 2015 - 1st prize National Thailand Latte Art Championship 2016.

My friend and I share the same passion for coffee and we will try to share with our community some insights from Thailand coffee lovers. So, stay tuned and subscribe to the Escobar Latte Art Service website to learn more about how Thai people experience coffee.

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