What makes a Coffee Shop a Coffee Shop?

by Web Master Andrés Escobar

Besides having a good coffee and impeccable customer service, people visit a coffee shop for different reasons. It may be the environment and the opportunity to share experiences with other coffee lovers and friends. Others may want to have an impeccable Latte Art or a cup with their favorite drawing.

No matter what motivates you to visit a Coffee Shop, we can agree that it is an excellent place to be. The aroma, the sound of steering the milk, or the grinder crushing those priceless beans is enough to be there.


At Escobar Latte Art Service, we want you to enjoy a unique experience and share it with your family and friends. We want you to grow by experimenting a brewed coffee, espresso, or chai tea. My personal experience in this coffee universe has been continuously growing. Growing, when I saw my son preparing a good coffee for his customers. Or thru his advice on what I have to improve to get the perfect coffee extraction from my espresso machine or how I can improve my latte art.

We will continue developing bonds between those who share a passion for coffee. Having this in mind, I want to propose a friendly family Latte Art competition where a family challenges another in developing at least two Latte Art drawings. No formal Latte Art experience will be the requirement to compete. Post your challenge on our social media, present your videos and latte art, and we will share it. What makes a coffee shop a coffee shop? Well, it is a place where you share experiences, have a good coffee, and have fun.

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